Automotive-Cluster RheinMainNeckar
In September of 2003, the RheinMainNeckar automotive cluster was founded by IHK Darmstadt and the district of Gross-Gerau and was sponsored by Enno Siehr (former county commissioner of Gross-Gerau district). The current sponsor is Thomas Will (incumbent county commissioner of Gross-Gerau district).

The cluster pools the expertise of specialized companies in the automotive supply industry and acts as a coordinator and moderator between the individual partners of the automobile network. The result is a tight alliance of specialists that form a single unit of superior service throughout the entire chain of supply.

In 2007, the cluster had around 450 members, including many internationally prominent businesses. Any supply company can be a member, so long as they have an interest in beneficial synergy.

The RheinMainNeckar automotive cluster is a participant in the EU project “Transnational Clustering in the Automotive Sector (TCAS)”, a pan-European network of automotive cluster authorities. The EU honored the automotive cluster as the “Europe INNOVA Network of the Year 2006", and in June 2008, the RheinMainNeckar automotive cluster won the first Hessian Cluster Competition.
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